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CAT is an examination conducted all over India for MBA aspirants. This gives them the ticket to enter their favorite business school and learn from the best. The CAT test is considered average yet tricky and you have to follow some rules to gain an extra edge over the others. It is all about scoring the highest percentile and though the syllabus is not very complicated, but the test can be fiddly and you can try few hacks to score more.

The most important thing that almost every coaching center tells you to focus on is your strong areas in every subject. The CAT exam is divided into four main sections and every section consists of different topics, which has various marks weightage. Focusing and making those areas strong that will score you more marks, is always a great trick to perform well in such types of examinations.

Below mentioned are some of the most basic and important reasons to make your strong areas even stronger for your next CAT examination.


There is an immense requirement of perfecting your strong areas in the CAT examinations. There are four sections in the final test and each section consists of questions from different topics. It is difficult to perfect every area and remember every detail, during the CAT preparation time and under the exam pressure as well. Make your strong area even stronger, you can easily score maximum marks from the sections that are your best.


Percentile is all that matters in the end as it is the only criteria of giving you a ticket into the interview round. The trick of scoring a better percentile is learning you’re strong subject to its core. You should not leave an inch of that subject unread and you will definitely score more in that section, hence elevating your overall percentile.

This also ensures that you are taking fewer risks in the final exam. This will increase your confidence and will give assuredly make you most definitely score well in your strong area.


Once you have perfected your strong areas, you will feel more comfortable during the examination and can deliver effective performance. There are many students who fail to deliver their best during the exams and this will help you in such scenarios.


With increased confidence and surety of delivering your best in your strong area, you can now have a better performance. It all comes down to the final test day and your percentile and these both will have a boost when you will perform better.

Strong areas are very crucial part of a CAT exam. Every student can pick their favorite sections and work on them harder than the rest. This will give you the ultimate advantage over the others and will help you to score better.

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