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Talathi SSD Exam Syllabus

Detailed Syllabus of the Sub-Service Examination for Talathi in Maharashtra State

Paper I- Revenue Item No. 1 (Time 3 Hours for 250 marks) – Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 and Rules thereunder (without Books)
Paper II – Revenue Item No. 2 – (Time 3 Hours for 250 marks) –
(i) Tagai Manual
(ii) The Bombay Village Panchayat Act, 1958
(iii) The Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948 and the Rules thereunder.
(iv) The Maharashtra Village Police Act, 1967
(v) The Bombay Police Act, 1951
(vi) The Cattle Trespass Act, 1871
All the above mentioned Acts upto the concerned work for Talathi (Without Books).
Paper 3 – Revenue Accounts Manual (Time 3 hours for 100 marks) – Revenue Accounts Manual and various Village Forms (without books).
Paper 4- Miscellaneous Paper (Time 3 hours for 100 marks) – Summary of any Revenue case or essay writing on the subjects given in the question paper (vz. Loss/Shortage of crops, Scarcity, Forests, Fire, Water Shortage or any other subject concerned with rural matter/matters(without books).
Paper 5 – Oral Examination of General Knowledge on Revenue matters (For 100 marks).
Total 800 marks for above mentioned five papers.

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