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cbseIn any child’s life, Board exams are the first set of hurdles en route to a promising future. Thus it is crucial for every student out there to do well as it is also a summative assessment of every topic you have learnt in school so far.

Also, It is the first step into the competitiveness of the real world that you are yet to see and it is something that you should be thoroughly prepared for. Let us look into a few tips and strategies which I myself have used and I am sure that it can help you too to effectively improve your performance in your CBSE board exams.

  • Have a detailed understanding of your syllabus; The Board is always foreseen to put out questions which are usually directly from the syllabus textbook. Implying that having a proper understanding of every topic in the syllabus will help you score a high percentage for the exam. There are plenty of reference books out there like RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal and more which are pretty good options to help you try out different and more difficult variations of the questions in your board’s syllabus. But before you try out these reference books, it is mandatory to have a thorough understanding of your syllabus textbook first. Once you are clear with the syllabus textbook, you will be able to understand the questions in the reference books easier and effectively understand the topic better.
  • Keep an account of your weaknesses; Nobody’s perfect, but everyone can work on their weak points. Hence, test yourself at regular intervals and accordingly, you can evaluate yourself. Everybody has their own weaknesses, for some, it may be algebra in Math while for some it may be formulas in chemistry, accordingly note down your weak points and spend the time to work on them. But do not get too presumptuous about the subjects you are good at, be thorough with every subject.
  • Pay attention to your handwriting; Take your time to write down your answers. There is no point if you know the complete answer and if the person who is evaluating your answer paper is not able to understand it. Hence, it is vital to take your time and convey your knowledge in the subject with legible handwriting to convey your point across.
  • Manage your time properly; Time management is a crucial strategy which can make all the difference while studying for your Board exams. If you manage your time accordingly you can easily maximize your efficiency and get a good percentage. It is said that studying theory subjects in the morning will help you to retain the memory of the subject longer, but in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Find out what time works for you the best and accordingly create a study timetable. Also during any exam, not all questions are of the same difficulty, so be cautious about the time you spend on each question. If you see yourself wasting too much time on how to answer a question move onto the next one, keeping in mind that you have to return to that question once you have finished answering the rest of the questions.
  • Solve previous year Questions; The CBSE Board has a peculiar habit of repeating a few questions from previous year papers. Hence practicing on sample papers and previous year question papers could get you that extra inch to ensure that you perform well for the CBSE board exams. By solving these you will be preparing yourself for the upcoming exams, boosting your confidence by a far. Figuring out the difficulty level of the exam and it will help you to plan an approach for the exam.
  • Getting enough sleep; The human body requires rest just like any other basic necessity. Falling asleep while reading a book is obviously ineffective. So take enough rest and let your mind rest every day after studying. Giving your mind time for what you learned that day to sink in. Revising the topic you learned the previous day in the morning, will help implant a stronger memory of the topic in your memory.

Thus we have discussed a few tips and strategies to help you perform well for your CBSE board exams. If you need help with studying the difficult topics of CBSE in a better and simpler way,

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Remember to take your time, don’t panic and All the best!

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