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In every school there is some fundamental discipline that the students ought to abide by. If the school is compared with the skeleton of a body discipline can be compared with the spirit. A body cannot be survive without its spirit, a school, similarly, cannot be survived without its discipline.

If the students abide by the rules and regulations of schools the institution must be well-established. Students should respect and obey their teachers during their school life. They should come and attend the class regularly. They must maintain the name and popularity of their own schools. Sometimes the students do not obey the discipline. Then the institution loses its popularity. The relation between the teacher and the student decreases.

School life is the most important part of a student’s life. Students are the future of a nation. They will be the statesmen and will steer the country. So the students remain disciplined in schools. When they will be adjusted with it they would form a bright nation.

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