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Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) IKP Staff Employees – Pen down.  The employees demanded equal wages for equal work and regularisation of their services. Their list of demands included promotion for HR employees and increment of Rs 750 for those, who have been promoted from L1 to L2.

On the other hand Director of Agricultural Marketing, Telangana State, Hyderabad has reported that the Commissioner of Civil Supplies, Government of Telangana, Hyderabad has informed that, the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited has submitted a tentative requirement of equipments for Paddy Procurement Centres in the districts for the Khariff Season 2017-18.

2. The Director of Agricultural Marketing has proposed certain instructions to the District Administration regarding preparatory arrangements for procurement of Paddy during Kharif 2017-18 Season in respect of purchase of equipments to observe while purchasing the MSP equipments by the District Administration.

3. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby permit the Director of Agricultural Marketing, Hyderabad for purchasing and providing equipments to the Paddy Procuring Centres for Kharif Season 2017-18 by purchasing the same through District Purchase Committee duly following instructions contained in the Annexure to this order basing on the actual need, duly meeting the said expenditure from the available savings of the concerned Agricultural Market Committees.

4. The Director of Agricultural Marketing, Telangana State, Hyderabad shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly.

G.O.Rt.No.1191 , Agriculture & Cooperation (Mktg.II) Dept. Dt.02 .11.2017.

The following instructions to the District Administration for purchase of the MSP equipments for the use of Paddy Procurement Centers during Kharif 2017-18 season.

1. To make assessment of the required equipments for MSP operation of Paddy as per actual need duly taking into account the available stock of the equipments.

2. After coming into conclusion regarding no. of equipments to be purchased as per need then it shall be purchased through District Purchase Committee chaired by the Joint Collector, concerned.

3. The details of equipment that are purchased together with the cost shall be forwarded to the concerned AMCs in whose notified area the MSP operation proposed so as to enable the Agricultural Market Committees to release the funds to meet the expenditure from the overall savings of the respective Agricultural Market Committee, duly obtaining sanction from the Director of Agricultural Marketing.

4. On purchase of the equipments the same shall be distributed to the procurement centres through concerned Agricultural Market Committees duly obtaining proper acknowledgements from the incharge of the procurement centres.

5. After completion of MSP operation, the supplied equipment shall be returned by the procurement centre in charge to the AMCs and the concerned AMCs shall keep the equipments in safe custody and submit a report to the Director of Agricultural Marketing, Government of Telangana in this matter.

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