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India is constantly facing incursion attempts and face off on the Chinese border of the country. Chinese army had already taken advantage of India’s non-serious behavior towards its eastern border in 1962. China had invaded India and a major war was fought between these two countries.

Indian troops during 1962 war
Indian troops during 1962 war

India has taken the threat from the eastern borders very seriously and took a lesson from the past. Indian defence advancements and establishments have seen massive growth in past few years. The developments on the Indo-China border and area near it is part of India’s plan to counter any opposition by China in future.

Indian Army and Indian Air Force is continuously increasing their force in the area. 4 corp of Indian Army is looking very serious in escalating every possible defensive posture to its limit, continuous patrols by Indian Army and Arunachal Scouts which also includes local boys who knew the area and the terrain well search for any loophole in the security. Though there is a lot more development is needed in the area.

India is taking the connectivity aspect on the border very seriously, significant development can be seen as compared to the previous years in roads and airstrips in the region. Recently, Government of India approved 7 Advance Landing Grounds in Arunachal Pradesh which will be used by military and civilians. Air Dominance can be ensured by those strips due to deployment of two Sukhoi Squadrons near the Chinese border, one in Tezpur and Second one in Chabua.

Pic for representation
Pic for representation

Indian has recently deployed a massive number of tanks and artillery in the region to maintain country’s deterrence. Movement of troops are always in progress in the region with three division of army have the permanent deployment. After 1962 war Indian intelligence network in that part of the country is also increased, India has created a force of Tibetans known as Special Frontier Force to counter any aggression of China by deploying the SFF in the mean time. SFF is a highly specialized force for mountain warfare and particularly raised for countering China.

Special Group with Scars
4 Vikas of SFF, especially formed to contain China



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