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Nowadays there is a confusing abundance of books. Like population explosion there is book explosion in modern times as thousands of books are being published daily all over the world. It is not possible for a man to read all the books even on a single subject within the limited span of his life.

Moreover, all the books are not worth reading. Some books do more harm than good to the readers. Hence, we have to be choosy in respect of reading books.

But, the question is how to choose the right books. A specialist collects a book related to his special subject. Students are interested in text books. Common readers usually like novels and travelogues. Children have also their special liking yet the general readers should read some classics to cultivate their taste. Once their taste is tested, they may choose what is good and what is bad from the lots of contemporary books.

Whenever a student feels puzzled in the matter of choice, he should consult his teachers or some well-read friends or the librarian of the nearest public library. But the fast thing in choice of books is that a reader should be allowed to develop his own taste without being over taught by his guides.

However, the choice of books also depends upon the variety of lawyers, engineers, artists, literature, etc.. You should seek such books as convey the latest information in their respective subjects.

In short, both the content and the style of a book make it worth-reading. And for the readers we may safely say that a man is known by the books he reads.

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