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  • First Chief Minister of Gujarat was Jivraj Mehta
  • Current Chief Minister of Gujarat is Vijay Rupani

Chief MinisterConstituencyTenureParty/Coalition
Jivraj MehtaAmreli1st May 1960 to 3rd March 1962Indian National Congress
Jivraj MehtaAmreli3rd March 1962 to 19th September 1963Indian National Congress
Balwantrai Mehta19th September 1963 to 19th September 1965Indian National Congress
Hitendra DesaiOlpad19th September 1965 to 3rd April 1967Indian National Congress
Hitendra DesaiOlpad3rd April 1967 to 12th May 1971Indian National Congress
President’s Rule13th May 1971 to 17th March 1972
Ghanshyam OzaDehgam17th March 1972 to 17th July 1973Indian National Congress
Chimanbhai PatelSankheda17th July 1973 to 9th February 1974Indian National Congress
President’s Rule9th February 1974 to 18th June 1975
Babubhai PatelSabarmati18th June 1975 to 12th March 1976Janata Front Coalition
President’s Rule12th March 1976 to 24th December 1976
Madhav Singh SolankiBhardran24th December 1976 to 10th April 1977Indian National Congress
Babubhai PatelSabarmati11th April 1977 to 17th Februry 1980Janata Party
President’s Rule17th February 1980 to 6th June 1980
Madhav Singh SolankiBhardran7th June 1980 to 10th March 1985Indian National Congress
Madhav Singh SolankiBhardran11th March 1985 to 6th July 1985Indian National Congress
Amarsinh ChaudharyVyara6th July 1985 to 9th December 1989Indian National Congress
Madhav Singh SolankiBhardran10th December 1989 to 3rd March 1990Indian National Congress
Chimanbhai PatelUnjha4th March 1990 to 25th October 1990JD + BJP Coalition
Chimanbhai PatelUnjha25th October 1990 to 17th February 1994JD(G) + INC Coalition
Chhabildas MehtaMahuva17th February 1994 to 13th March 1995Indian National Congress
Kesubhai PatelVisavdar14th March 1995 to 21st October 1995Bharatiya Janata Party
Suresh MehtaMandvi21st October 1995 to 19th September 1996Bharatiya Janata Party
President’s Rule19th September 1996 to 23rd October 1996
Shankersinh VaghelaRadhanpur23rd October 1996 to 27th October 1997Rashtriya Janata Party
Dilip ParikhDhandhuka28th October 1997 to 4th March 1998Rashtriya Janata Party
Keshubhai PatelVisavdar4th March 1998 to 6th October 2001Bharatiya Janata Party
Narendra ModiManinagar7th October 2001 to 22nd December 2002Bharatiya Janata Party
Narendra ModiManinagar22nd December 2002 to 22nd December 2007Bharatiya Janata Party
Narendra ModiManinagar23rd December 2007 to 20th December 2012Bharatiya Janata Party
Narendra ModiManinagar20th December 2012 to 22nd May 2014Bharatiya Janata Party
Anandiben PatelGhatlodia22nd May 2014 to 7th August 2016Bharatiya Janata Party
Vijay RupaniRajkot West7th August 2016 – Till DateBharatiya Janata Party

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