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Goa HSSC Board Psychology Sample Question papers are given below which will be helpful for you for preparation of exams. GBSHSE Psychology Model Questions are the type foq uestions which can be asked in exam. There are both subjective & objective type questions to test the candidates’ ability in the subject.

Q1: When people attribute their own traits to others, the Defence Mechanism used is _________.

  1. Projection
  2. Repression
  3. Rationalisation
  4. Reaction Formation

Q2: Assistance involving material aid, such as money is a form of _______________.

  1. Informational support
  2. Tangible support
  3. Emotional support
  4. Positive support

Q3: The client centered therapy was given by ____________.

  1. Albert Ellis
  2. Carl Rogers
  3. Sigmund Freud
  4. Freiderick Perls

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Q4: When the information presented first has a stronger effect than the information presented at the end, it is called ______.

  1. Halo effect
  2. Primacy effect
  3. Recency effect
  4. Secondary effect

Q5: Togetherness, binding, or mutual attraction among group members is called _________.

  1. Groupthink
  2. Group Polarization
  3. Social facilitation
  4. Cohesiveness

Q6: The study of the relationship between living beings and their environment is called ___________.

  1. Minimalist perspective
  2. Ecology
  3. Built environment
  4. Natural environment

The complete set of question papers can be checked from table below which used be practiced once you have prepared whole syllabus of Goa 12th Board. You will feel confident solving questions and you will surely achieve good score in the exam this year. Just stay focused and try to practice more and more questions before the exam. We have provided the question paper for each subject of Goa HSSC board. Also, you can stay connected to get all the updates of competitive exams. For any kind of query, you can write to us in comment section below and we will help you with best of solutions.


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