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  • New global initiative aims to protect the world’s food supply and further UN Sustainable Development Goal 2.5
  • Initiative says that food security cannot be achieved without safeguarding and using agricultural biodiversity
  • Supported by Her Excellency the President of Mauritius amongst other global leaders and by video address from HRH The Prince of Wales

Press Release – On Sunday 11th June in Stockholm, Her Excellency the President of Mauritius will join international policy makers, senior business and civil society leaders to face one of the world’s biggest challenges: how to feed 9 billion people by 2050 in a rapidly changing climate. Together they will launch an initiative to safeguard the basis of the world’s food supply: Food Forever.

The global initiative, supported by HRH The Prince of Wales by a video address, will raise awareness of the importance and urgency of conserving and using agricultural biodiversity. The activity will further UN Sustainable Development Goal 2.5.

Food Forever Champions have committed to a vision for biodiversity to ensure our Food Forever: A Declaration of Interdependence* to help bring the world’s attention to the food that we need, no matter where we live, or what we do. They will work together to activate a global effort to appreciate, safeguard and share the world’s food diversity to save the world’s food supply. Food Forever Champions include:

  • Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius; Food Forever Chair
  • Nicolas Moreau, Deutsche Asset Management, Board, Head of Deutsche Asset Management
  • Hans Hoogeveen, Ambassador of the Netherlands to the UN Organizations for Food and Agriculture
  • Cary Fowler, Member of the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development, USA
  • Alejandro Argumedo, Coordinating Director, ANDES
  • Ruben Echeverría  Director General, International Center for Tropical Research
  • Jimmy Smith, Director General, International Livestock Research Institute
  • Vincent Bradley, Entrepreneur, Investor and Principal at Mayfair Global Solutions, Former CEO and Co-Founder of FlashFunders.

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius, said: “I have given my voice to Food Forever as our food security depends on protection and conservation of agricultural biodiversity. Over 20% of the world’s plant diversity is under threat from habitat devastation, exploitation and climate change. To protect our food for future generations, all stakeholders must act collectively; from the farmers, to the breeders, retailers and the consumers. We must all stand together to ensure our food, forever.”

Åslaug Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust, who initiated Food Forever added: “Time is running out to rescue the biodiversity that the world can’t do without in adapting agriculture to climate change and increase nutritional value of our food. We’re losing diversity every day. This has to, and can be, stopped. It is even inexpensive. Food Forever wants everybody to understand that agricultural biodiversity is one of our most important natural resources and global common goods. Neglecting agricultural biodiversity is neglecting our future.”

See the video address from HRH The Prince of Wales, here:

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