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As the news has spread, CBSE is going to roll back it’s old board exam pattern. From 2017-18 on wards, CBSE 10th board exams are now compulsory for every student and school. Since board exams are kind of big deal for students, therefore, here in this article, to help students we are providing CBSE solved important questions for class 10th maths chapter wise.

Earlier, the summative assessment pattern was followed by CBSE in which there were 2 summative assessment and the whole syllabus for class 10th was divided half-half in these exams.

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CBSE Solved Important Questions For Class 10th Maths

Board exams has always been a big deal for most of the students. But, they should know that it is not as hard as they think. If you are prepared well, then you will find it easier than your school exams.

Below are CBSE class 10th maths important questions chapter wise for the year 2018 board exams. simply click on the chapter that you want to download. To make these important questions more useful, we have given a link from where one can buy solution for all the questions of every chapter.

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Solved Important Questions For Class 10th Maths 2018 – How To Practice

Now that you have download the 10th maths important question for different chapters, it’s time to know the correct strategy to practice these questions, it will save your precious time and efforts.

Complete NCERT First

Don’t directly jump into solving these questions, you wont be able to solve the important question unless you have practiced the basic ones first. In NCERT they don’t give directly the hard questions, the easy ones are given first so that students get an idea on how the questions can be solved.

Note: Examples given in NCERT before and after any exercise are very important, so don’t underestimate them assuming they don’t matter. Practice them just like you do exercise questions.


Make absolutely sure that you have all the formulas of every chapter on your finger tips. You will end up wasting too much of your time, if you do not have the formulas embedded in your mind.

Besides, having formulas on your finger tips will assure you know the exact method and logic to solve the questions. Then the only thing that remains is calculation which will be like a cake walk.

Practice Important Questions

When you think you are ready with the formulas and NCERT questions, then it’s time to get started with the important questions. Now, if you are purchasing maths solved important questions for class 10th, then you are most likely to see the answers right after the reading the questions.

But, you should resist the temptation to look at the answer. Try your best to solve the questions by yourself first and then check the answer. This is the best way to practice.

How To Solve 10th Maths Important Questions

Everyone has his/her unique approach to solve maths questions. But the best and most common methods used by intelligent students, and which is also suggest by teachers is as follows:

3 Step Solving Technique

This is a very simple and effective technique which eliminate the chances of committing small mistakes, and therefore increasing the accuracy of answer. This technique involves solving a problem in 3 steps:

  1. Given: Firstly, read the question properly. Then, neatly write all the given information at one place.
  2. To prove: In this step, write down the things that you have to find while solving the answer. i.e all the formulas that will lead to the correct answer.
  3. Proof: Now that you know what’s given, and what you have to find, start solving the question step by step.

You can add or remove steps depending upon the question to get the right answer. Remember to follow this process while practicing, because then only you will be able to follow it properly in the exam.

Fast Calculation

Some students tend to use calculator while practicing which is not the right thing to do. The more you get dependent on calculator, the more lethargic you are making your mind, and the more time you will consume in exam.

Look on internet for tricks that will help you to calculate faster, and make it an habit to do calculations on your own, do not take help from calculator. If possible, then try to memorize tables at least till 20, it will help you a lot.

Neat And Clean Work

How many times did it happen when you were just on right track to solve the question, but then due to your messy calculations and writing you lost track and could not get the right answer. During practice we are just focused on solving the question and getting the right answer. Hence, we do not pay much attention on our presentation because we know that no one is going to look at it.

But, it gets into our habit to avoid presentation and just solve the answer, and follow the same thing in exam. Initially for 2 or 3 questions, you may try to keep things tidy, but after few questions you will follow your habit.

So, it’s important to discipline yourself to during practice to keep things neat and clean throughout your practice. Write each and every step neatly, show the important calculations that may get you some extra marks.

Solving Maths Important Questions In Exam

Since this is the first time that you will be facing the board exams, therefore, it’s natural to be anxious about them. But, don’t worry! as board exams are just like your regular exams. If you have prepared well, then you will definitely score good marks.

The board exam is designed keeping in mind every type of student, i.e below average, average, and above average. Approx 30% of paper is easy, 50% of the paper is normal which can be solved by an average student, and 20% of the paper is bit hard which need better preparation.

So, even if you are not very good in studies, you can still score respectable marks. Here are some tips that you should consider in exam hall.

Make Strategy

You will be given 15 minutes just to read the paper, and you should do exactly that. Read the question paper very carefully, if 15 minutes are not enough then take 15 more, but make sure you read each and every question very carefully so that you can figure out the question that you can solve and those you can’t.

Now once you know which question you can solve, then make a strategy. Take 5 minutes to assign stars to questions based on the level of their difficulty, marks and time they will take.

e.g. a question with 5 marks that you know how to solve and will take less time should be given maximum stars (say 5 stars).

Assign stars to all questions that you know you can solve. Once done, begin solving the questions, and attempt those first that has maximum stars.

No Distractions

Don’t try to be a social worker in exam hall, many students in attempt to help their friends and other run out of time. If this is what happens to you often, then your are not doing justice to yourself.

If you want to help your friends, then help them before the exam with their studies. Tell them before the exam the important questions and topics, but don’t try to be a hero in exam hall. Make sure your full concentration is on your answer sheet and nowhere else.

Read The Sheet

The moment after finishing the paper is such relaxing, and we just want to break free from the exam hall. But, stupid are those students who leave the exam hall without reading their answer sheet.

When our mind is in a flow of something then it avoids small mistakes, and sometimes these small mistakes lead to bigger mistakes. So, it becomes absolutely important to check at least once what you have written.

Be dead sure that you have written exactly what you wanted to write.

Extra Marks

Now when you are really done, then it’s time to look for some extra marks. Since you have done all those questions that you knew, and you have read your answer sheet and left with some time, therefore you can now try those questions that you don’t really know how to solve.

Don’t be in the hurry to leave the exam hall, if you have time then try to attempt other questions. Write whatever you can, because CBSE gives marks even just for writing formula and steps. So, make sure you squeeze everything you can.

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