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An eminent skin specialist of Udaipur has reportedly been duped by bank staff. He has also been threatened by the bank staff.

As per reports, Dr. Prashant Agrawal(Consultant Dermatologist and Hair transplant Surgeon) Dermadent Clinic,Udaipur, submitted his documents for car loan in HDFC Bank, Madhuban branch. The bank staff handling his loan request took disadvantage of the situation and issued a credit card in Dr. Prashant’s name without his approval. Dr. Prashant has filed a case of fraud against the bank staff.

Dr. Prashant took a car loan from HDFC bank. He has been paying EMI of rupees 20 thousand 855 rupees. As per him, Dheeraj Dharmawat-staff of HDFC bank completed the formalities of documentation for the car loan. The dermatologist said that the bank authorities issued a credit card in his name by using his documents without taking his approval and started demanding and amount of more than 5 thousand rupees against the credit card.

When Dr. Prashant refused to pay this amount since he did not ask for a credit card, the staff threatened to spoil his civil score by declaring his car loan account as NPA. Case has been registered in Sukher police station against the bank staff for fraudulent activity.


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